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3 Reasons Your Child Might Benefit from Better Daycare

Have you thought about switching daycare centers lately? This can be a difficult thing to consider, since children need a period of adjustment for any new change — and they often become comfortable with (and develop a certain attachment to) their existing daycare setting. This can be true even if that daycare center is not fully meeting the child’s needs. Leaving the familiar and starting something new always has the potential to be difficult for kids.

But sometimes, the change is worth it. Here are three reasons you might want to consider looking for a new daycare center and making a switch.

1. Dietary needs

If you’re like many parents, you are more conscious than ever of what your child is eating and drinking. The understanding of nutritional science and food allergies has increased exponentially in recent years, yet many daycare centers have yet to put measures in place to address these heightened levels of concern. Children’s medical daycare is a good example of a daycare scenario that has this side of things covered. With a trained nutritionist on staff, parents know for absolute certain that their child’s dietary needs — whatever they may be — will be skillfully and expertly addressed, day in and day out. That’s the kind of peace of mind worth having!

2. Special learning needs

Children who have special learning needs (along with their parents) can find it hugely frustrating not to have the help and support they really need at daycare. After all, daycare has the potential to be productive learning experience for children, both intellectually and socially. But if the right tools are not in place to address your child’s special learning needs, the potential of daycare will not be fully realized. Being able to address your child’s special learning needs means having the right technology, devices, and staff education to make an impact.

3. Staff-to-child ratios

One of the most common complaints people have about their existing daycare situations is that there are too many children and not enough staff. Gone are the days when daycare was simply a place to drop your child off and pick them up at the end of the day. Parents today are much more concerned (as they should be!) about the experience their child is having at daycare. A big part of that experience is defined by how many children there are on a given day, and how many staff are there to interact with them. If your daycare has one staff person for every 7 or 10 children, for example, it might be worth looking at ways to bring that number down, so that your child is receiving more individual attention throughout the day.

How do parents make the right choice?

Obviously, something like changing to a new daycare center requires careful thought and meticulous research. In-person visits (with your child) to any daycare center you are considering are also very important. It’s important to remember that parents and children have options, and there’s just no reason to settle for a daycare center that doesn’t only meet your needs, but exceeds them.

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