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5 Reasons to Consider Children’s Medical Daycare for 2018

The new year is almost upon us, and it’s already time for those resolutions. For many people, it’s not so much about losing weight or other “traditional” goals. It’s more about looking for ways to make positive changes for the year ahead. Daycare is an area in which many parents could use a positive change or upgrade, but what would that look like? Children’s medical daycare is a compelling answer. Here are five reasons to consider switching to this type of daycare in 2018.

1. Equipped to handle a wider range of learning needs

Special needs is a broad term that can encompass learning, cognitive, and/or physical challenges of all types. Because staff members at children’s medical daycare tend to have advanced degrees in early child development and related fields, they’re better equipped to work with the unique needs of every child in their care. And because the staff-to-child ratios are smaller, kids get more individual attention each day.

2. Greater attention to nutrition

The connection between what kids eat and how they feel, learn and develop has never been under greater scrutiny. With every year that passes, we’re presented with new and compelling information on just how important it is for the nutritional needs of children to be met in the best possible way.

It’s also true, however, that every child has distinct dietary needs, and some needs are more specific and important than others. Parents can expect children’s medical daycare centers to have a dedicated nutritionist on staff who will thoroughly understand and implement each child’s nutritional program as approved by parents. As a parent, the peace of mind that comes from knowing your child’s dietary needs are being met is worth a lot.

3. A trained medical professional on staff

Does your daycare center have a trained nurse on staff? If it’s a children’s medical daycare center, the answer should always be yes. Since many of the kids who attend this type of daycare have a broad spectrum of special needs — and because parents want to make extra sure that they’ll be well-looked after throughout the day — having a trained nurse employed by the daycare center only makes sense.

4. Next-generation transportation options

Most daycare centers traditionally don’t offer help with transportation — and if they did, it probably wouldn’t be something most parents would trust. Children’s medical daycare blazes another trail in this area by offering a higher level of safety and security for parents who could use help getting their kids to and from the daycare facility. With a trained driver and a dedicated ride-along supervisor to make sure everyone stays safe, families are getting a new look at how daycare can fit seamlessly into their lives.

5. A more constructive time for kids

Most parents no longer think of daycare as a simple necessity, or a situation where supervisors do little more than keep an eye on kids. Child educators and parents agree that a leap forward is long overdue. Expectations for daycare should extend well into social and educational benefits. In fact, these benefits have been demonstrated and observed well into primary and even secondary schooling. Children’s medical daycare revolves around a commitment to safer and more constructive daycare for kids of all abilities. A healthy balance of structured and spontaneous activities keeps things new and fresh, and gives children a wider range of experiences throughout the day.

Your questions, answered

As with any daycare center you consider, in-person visits (with your child) are a crucial part of finding a good match. When you visit a daycare center, you might not know right away if it’s the right place for you and your child. But knowing what questions to answer, and being confident in the answers you’re given, certainly goes a long way.

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