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5 Ways Daycare is Evolving

Daycare has changed a lot in recent years. In fact, many modern daycare centers look nothing like the daycare of decades past. Far from being a glorified babysitting center, the best daycare centers today are fully aware of the industry’s potential, including intellectual and social benefits that help kids in later years. This means greater attention to learning opportunities, and a smaller staff-to-child ratio. It also means that some daycare centers are starting to “raise the stakes” and offer a more comprehensive package of services to parents who need effective and productive daycare services. Medical daycare usually has many services in one inclusive location. Therapies are big for special needs kids. There are many programs out there for the child’s needs that should be researched.

Our Daily Pediatric Care Services are broad, and we try to accommodate all of our students.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 ways in which daycare centers are evolving to meet the needs of 21st century families.

1. Getting there and back

Transportation is a big deal for most families. Daycare is necessary because the family is busy with work, school, household duties, and so many other obligations. But daycare centers have not traditionally been able to help with transportation, because they haven’t come up with a trustworthy model. Children’s medical daycare, and other advanced daycare centers, are now offering transportation services that include a qualified driver and a second staff member (besides the driver) to make sure every child is safe. If you thought getting transportation help from your daycare center was impossible, think again!

2. Addressing dietary needs

Parents are getting more information than ever about what’s healthy for their child, and diet has emerged as one of the keys of optimal physical and intellectual development in children. Daycare centers can’t afford to fall behind in this respect; that’s why some centers have hired a dedicated nutritionist to make sure every child’s dietary requirements are met.

3. Broadening the spectrum of inclusive learning

Every child learns differently, and there is a whole spectrum of learning abilities. Daycare centers should always be looking for ways to broaden the spectrum of inclusive learning, and afford each child the maximum opportunity for learning and growth while at daycare.

4. Making medical skills a priority

Medical situations can come up, and as a parent, it’s extremely helpful to know that a trained nurse is on staff at your daycare center. This way, you know that any potential medical situation (whether it involves your child or not) is dealt with professionally and correctly by a trained medical professional.

5. Speaking more than one language

Our culture has never been more diverse, and we believe that diversity makes everyone stronger. When daycare staff are proficient in languages besides English, it creates a more accessible and inclusive atmosphere for children. It also creates a setting in which kids can “pick up” on other languages at daycare.

Raising the bar on daycare

Daycare has certainly come a long way, and there are daycare centers that have done a great job in leading the industry toward better services and better outcomes. But there’s still room for improvement. The next time you or someone you know is considering a new daycare center, keep in mind that the industry is evolving, and there are centers out there who already offer a more convenient and comprehensive daycare experience for families.

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