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What is Your Child’s Daycare Experience?

Every parent knows that children have their own ways of communicating. It’s not always clear exactly what a child is feeling, or what she needs. As they get older, children develop more effective ways of communicating with adults. But it’s often not until children become adults themselves that they can communicate openly and honestly with family members.

The point is that parents are often left to “fill in the blanks” about what their child may be feeling emotionally, or what might be troubling them. Daycare is a great example. It’s a really important step when parents first take their children to daycare, and they want to make sure (above all) that the child feels safe, comfortable, and engaged on a day-to-day basis.

There are, however, some cases in which children might not be entirely happy with their daycare experience, without really knowing how to communicate it. But if this isn’t the best daycare center for you and your family, you definitely want to know about it. So how can you tell if your child’s daycare experience isn’t what is should (or could) be?

1. Too many children

There are actually laws about how many children can legally be in a daycare center at one time. These laws vary state-by-state — but if you visit a daycare center, and it seems like there are way too many kids running around and not enough staff to look after them, watch out! The center may even be knowingly flouting the law, and that’s never a situation you want to put your child in.

2. Dated toys and dirty play areas

Great daycare has many different ingredients, but the basics are important. A clean and orderly environment with modern toys and learning devices is what you’re after. Some daycare centers haven’t updated their equipment or amenities in far too long, and some don’t engage in proper cleaning practices.

3. Not enough structure activity

Nothing says “lazy” like a daycare center that simply puts children on the floor with a bunch of toys and lets them run amok all day. Free time is necessary of course — but so is structured activity. A mix of activities and free time is what create a truly dynamic daycare situation, in which children receive social and educational benefits to take with them into the next phases of their education.

Children’s medical daycare NJ

If your child has special physical or learning needs, children’s medical daycare is definitely something to consider as you think about the best possible daycare center for you. Staff members have higher levels of child-related education, and there are also medical and nutritional professionals on staff to make sure those needs are professionally met for each unique child. Other important differences include transportation services, smaller staff-to-child ratios, and a considered balance between structure activity and free time. If there’s a children’s medical daycare center in your area, it’s probably worth a visit. If nothing else, this is a good measuring stick against which to measure other daycare centers.

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