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Does Daycare Have Long Term Benefits?

When you look around at the world today, there is general trend of trying to get more for less, or to make things more efficient. If a product or service can serve two purposes instead of just one, it makes things a whole lot easier. People are busy, and constantly striving to get more done. Part of this process involves looking at things and ideas we’ve always taken for granted, and challenging them. This is how innovation takes place.

Daycare is obviously not your “ordinary” product or service. It’s not like an oil change or a haircut, where getting subpar service is something you can easily brush off. Daycare is a serious proposition that involves the health, wellbeing, and development of the most precious little people in your life: Your children. It’s not something we as parents can (or should) take lightly.

And yet, traditional models of daycare have really not been very expansive or evolved. In many cases, daycare has historically represented a glorified babysitting situation in which the children are kept safe and watched over while parents at work. This isn’t altogether bad, of course — and it’s wrong to say there are no benefits. The simple act of getting children together, and presenting them with new social situations and settings, has untold benefits. It gives kids a head start on the relationships and social interactions they’ll develop in school, and also helps them learn how to accept other authority figures besides their parents.

But has daycare been everything it could be? No. Only in recent years has it really started to change and evolve toward a service that’s truly nurturing for children and productive for families as a whole.

Children’s medical daycare is a great example. For starters, the staff at children’s medical daycare centers have higher levels of education related to early child development and related fields. To them, operating a daycare center couldn’t be farther away from the idea of simply “babysitting” or “watching” kids while the parents are at work.

Instead, each day is seen as a wonderful opportunity for each child to grow, learn, and interact. Facilitating this kind of experience requires a different approach. It requires expertise, knowledge, assistive learning technology, and a balance between structured activities and free time. In short, it requires a team of professionals who truly care about the experience children have at their daycare center, and want to make that experience as productive, safe, and trustworthy as it can possibly be.

When you visit a center like this, the difference should jump out at you before too long. There are other important differences between children’s medical daycare and other daycare offerings, including a trained nutritionist on-staff, and next-level transportation services that can actually makes things easier on parents without compromising safety in the least.

The main point is that parents should be asking more from their daycare centers. Daycare staff and parents alike should begin to imagine daycare as a more vibrant and productive experience that enriches the lives of children and gives them important benefits as they move toward school and continued growth.

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